Domain Name Registration

Wearewood Services are able to assist you with the selection  and initial registration of your company domain name.

We can offer peace of mind and can register your chosen domain without tying you in to any further services until you are ready to take the plunge, so if you see the perfect domain for your company we can secure it on your behalf to make sure that nobody else gets there before you.

We will then manage your domain’s DNS settings on your behalf if/when we build your website.

Purchase Your Domain

Your website often starts by purchasing your domain name. Contact Wearewood if you need any assistance or would like us to do this for you.

Consider Extra Domains

Your website is easier to find if you have multiple domains. Consider buying both and .com, or maybe alternative names and/or location-based names.

Complete Freedom

Purchasing your domain through Wearewood will not tie you into our services. You are always free to take control of the domain, move servers, etc. You may even decide after purchasing the domain that you don’t need a website – that’s fine!

Configuring the DNS

Once you have your domain, if you’re purchasing a website with Wearewood we can configure the DNS settings for your domain when it’s ready to go live at no extra cost!

Have you prepared your design?

For your printed materials you will need a design. We are more than happy to produce a design to your exact specification. Alternatively, if you'd rather design it yourself, we are able to use the artwork you provide.

Need web hosting?

Hosting is needed to store the data for your website. We host almost every website we build but if you have already purchased hosting, we are more than happy to work on your servers. We have competitive prices and will make the process as simple as possible for you! Contact us for assistance or information.

Not in the motor trade?

Not to worry! Whilst we specialise in the motor trade, we are accommodating to all businesses and industries. Whether you're a local shop, a high end global business or anything in between, we'd be happy to provide you with the ideal solution for you and your company.

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